Debbie Lavin, MA, CLD(DONA), DONA International Approved Doula Trainer, ICCE

California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider

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You've decided to become a Doula: Why choosing your Doula Trainer should be your top priority.


"The Doulas I teach know that taking my training is just the beginning of our relationship. I am easily accessible for mentoring you, listening to you and helping you to succeed."


Over 20 years training and mentoring Doulas

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Training and Mentoring Doulas Since 1994

Aspiring Doulas continue to seek Doula Training with Debbie Lavin, MA, ICCE, CD(DONA), and DONA International approved Doula Trainer. Knowledge, wisdom, encouragement and ongoing support are the commonly cited reasons so many professional Doulas highly recommend her. Debbie's informative, motivating and humorous teaching style combined with her vast experience and dedication are just a few of the reasons you will thoroughly enjoy your training!


Training and Mentoring Doulas Since 1994